We Are

A civil society authorized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development #937 Advocate to supports Saudi Women living with immunodeficiency diseases


 Our Vision 

To establish a community engagement network where women with any immunological disease are encouraged to have a positive outlook to life, optimistic, full of equality and dignity together with their family and friends. 

To create an environment without stigma and discrimination.

Our Mission

To provide women, living with any immunodeficiency diseases the required tools for better diagnosis, treatment, and cohabitations; to offer an opportunity for a better quality of life via early diagnosis and treatment. 

To advocate for HIV/AIDS research, education, and develop awareness program to prevent the spread of immunodeficiency related infectious diseases, such as HIV. 

To empower and support women living with HIV/AIDS, and those at risk, and their families and children.

Our Goals

1. To enhance knowledge about immunodeficiency diseases and specifically HIV/AIDS to reduce new HIV infections. 

2. To facilitate access to healthcare systems for patients with immunodeficiency diseases and improve well-being outcomes and cohabitation.

3. To establish programs to provide support in education, employment, health and advocacy for Women living with HIV/AIDS.

4. To Promote and foster the “Get Tested” concept, facilitating community access to testing.

5. To collaborate with world Doctors and Scientists in the field to support treatment and research in the region.

6. To spotlight on the existence and the spreading of AIDS virus in the region and how to take control of the situation.

7. To respond to HIV/AIDS in different ways to Stop the stigma and discrimination.

8. To support HIV/AIDS research in the region.

Our Values

3 C’s

  1. Confidence

  2. Containment

  3. Confidentiality


This is a women’s project, it’s a response to the community request to focus on women needs;  

Our organizations carry out multiple activities that includes support to public education, awareness, research, treatment, opportunities and advocacy to support women with any immunodeficiency diseases, and specifically women living with HIV/AIDS.




Founding Members

H.H. Dr. Haya Alsaud

Reema Alyemni

Kholoud Alshaya

Rawan Albutairi

Dalal Alessa

Dr. Reem Alrashoudi

Mashael Alrabiah

Dr. Maha Almozaini

Suaad Alshaar

 Board Members

Dr. Maha Almozaini

Chairman of the Board

Suaad Alshaar

Board Treasurer

Kholoud Alshaya

Vice Chairman of the Board

Dr. Reem Alrashoudi

Member of the Board

Members of The General Assembly

Shaden Alashgar

Dr. Aynaa Alshridi